i made matching icons for me and a friend on twitter…. please do not use them//

Anonymous asked: Your art style is so unique and adorable! I love it!

ohh gosh… thank you so much i really appreciate this message! im really so happy.. aaaaaa… ////// i hope you have a nice day//

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(banner drawn by lacktwo)



network solely dedicated to kaneki and kaneki being together to get the happiness that kaneki ken really deserves


1. reblog post so others may see it!! likes will not be counted.
2. follow admin and network blog
3. fill out the application!


1. respect others! no exceptions!
2. no ship-bashing, or unneeded conflict.
3. be somewhat active. if you are away too often it’s possible someone else could have had your spot : (
4. make friends! do fun things! be happy!
5. be sure to have the network badge on your blog.


☁ get added to awesome skype chat!!
 by joining you get to meet people who like kaneki/kaneki
 get promos!
 new followers, new friends, new life!

thanks for reading this, and i hope you join! send any questions to my askbox. apps will be closed Oct. 5. 

Anonymous asked: can you draw something hidekane? it can be anything hidekane i jsut nee dmy hidekane ple ase

i hope this is ok………………………. lma o..


Anonymous asked: youve probably heard this before. but. i couldnt help but go to your inbox to talk about the lovely hair you draw. cause woah !!!!! oh gosh i really love the cute little designs in it !!!!! its like the best thing ever !!!!!

!!!! i got really excited reading this thank you!! im really happy to hear you do!

even though it has been said a few times already, im always grateful because i get to know that many enjoy it! thanks again!!! ☆☆☆

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i started school recently so i wont be posting a whole lot anymore :’)